Blackmagic Gen 5 Natural Rec709 LUTs

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Blackmagic Gen 5 Natural Rec709 LUTs

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Although Blackmagic is known for its cinematic colors and organic highlight roll-off, getting the footage to look right can be quite a challenge. The dreadful magenta shift, oversaturated reds and inaccurate white balance readings are all issues that plague Blackmagic's cameras and can make it difficult to even reach a natural-looking base-grade. To help with this issue, I've created a natural Rec709 LUT Pack that makes it a lot easier to get your Blackmagic footage to look right. To get the best results, set your white balance a little to the cool side.

This LUT pack has been specifically designed to take advantage of the rich color depth and highlight roll-off of Gen 5, while preserving natural skintones. Also included are two cinematic LUTs that bring out the natural color contrast of your footage.


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What's included?

The LUT pack comes with 5 LUTs for different types of lighting situations:

  • WideDR - LUT that retains the most dynamic range, great for dynamic scenes and low-light shoots

  • Gen 5 - provides a natural filmic image

  • Vibrant - a more vivid LUT

  • Cine Cold - adds cinematic color contrast

  • Cine Warm - a warmer version of the Cine LUT

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