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The Canon M50 Filmmaking Guide


Turn your Canon M50 into a movie-making powerhouse with the Canon M50 Filmmaking Guide! In this extensive PDF guide you'll learn:

* how to set-up your M50 for filmmaking

* how to work around the limitations of the cropped 4K mode and get great results

* what are the best lenses and accessories for the M50

* how to drastically improve the dynamic range of the M50 and get more cinematic images using the included flat picture profile and LUT

* how to record better audio on the M50

* how to get the most out of the 4K timelapse function

* and much more!

Includes Filmkit Flat picture profile & LUTs for the M50!

The guide also comes with the Filmkit Flat picture profile (+ LUTs) designed specifically for the M50 as well as instructions on how to install and use the picture profile and included LUTs.

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The Canon M50 Filmmaking Guide

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